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The institution offers a comprehensive range of services under one roof. The services include;

Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW)
The workshop gives an opportunity for the participants to become familiar with the behavioural competencies of successful entrepreneurs, strengthen and enhance those behaviours in themselves and, finally be able to apply the behaviours on return to their own businesses.
The workshop not only has an impact on the individual, but also creates trust and stimulates strong bondage amongst entrepreneurs, who as a result begin to organize themselves for mutual support, exchange of information and experience and the collective formulation of SME concerns as a sector. click here to download application form

Business Health Check
For existing companies, the Post-Training process starts with a complementary Business Health-check (BHC) or diagnostic study being conducted for each company.
This activity is designed to 'x-ray' the operations of the company in critical areas such as business concept, production/operation process, financial management, staffing and marketing, to determine areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The purpose of this exercise is to provide a Status Report on the "health" of the company. It is also a gateway to a range of Enterprise Uganda's post-entrepreneurship training services.

Business Opportunity Identification
For start-ups, the Post-Training process begins with a Business Opportunity Identification exercise intended to assist trainees from the 10-day Entrepreneurship Workshop who do not have an existing business to identify and analyse a variety of business opportunities and interests. Each entrepreneur is taken through a process of Idea Generation, Idea Screening and Testing, Business Profiling and Idea Selection. At the end of this exercise, the entrepreneur will be able to decide on the specific business venture to develop.

Business Counseling and Advisory services.
Under the Counseling/Advisory Service, Enterprise Uganda assigns a Counselor to each company that has gone through the Business Health check exercise. The Counselor will provide on-site counseling support to the client to probe into the root causes of the specific problems identified during the Health Check exercise.
The counseling and advisory services are designed to help the counselor to understand the client's business and subsequently offer informed advice to resolve identified challenges and/or exploit discernible opportunities.

Preparation of Business Plans
Business Plan preparation process is to assist the entrepreneur to prepare a planning document that should, inter alia, be a useful management tool as well as resource mobilization instrument from third parties including venture capitalists and bankers.

Credit facilitation
Credit facilitation is offered to assist clients identify and evaluate available sources of financing and to negotiate attendant terms.

Specialized Consultancy and Extension Services
These include tailor-made technical support, involving on-site placement of industry experts to provide specialized consultancy services and to transfer expertise to the beneficiary company.

Client Accounting and Book-keeping Services
Under this scheme groups of client companies are assigned to reputable accounting firms which then provide technical assistance in book-keeping and financial management as well as prepare audited financial statements on a regular basis for each company.

This facility is meant to assist the beneficiaries improve their book-keeping and financial management functions. The expected impact of this service is increased credibility of financial statements for use by management and external parties including bankers, investors, suppliers and tax authorities.

Sub-Contracting Linkages
This is designed to assist clients to identify sub-contracting opportunities from large local and resident affiliates of multinational companies and government procurement agencies.

Foreign Linkage Development
Under this client companies are assisted to define their requirements for foreign linkages. They are then given technical support to prepare investment profiles with which to source beneficial linkages with foreign companies in the form of joint ventures, licensing and franchise arrangements or technology transfer agreements. Additionally, in collaboration with other private and public sector agencies foreign companies are assisted to identify suitable local partners to undertake innovative technology-based manufacturing and service ventures.

Management Skills Development
This training enables entrepreneurs appreciate the application of functional management concepts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their business operations. An array of products have been developed in the areas of Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Effective Delegation, Customer Care, Time Management, Financial Management, Marketing, Costing & Pricing, Public Presentation, Business Report Writing Skills, etc.

Expand Your Business (EYB)
Expand Your Business (EYB) is an integrated business training and support package for small to medium scale enterprises with clear growth objectives in mind. EYB is a unique training package helps those businesses with growth-oriented entrepreneurs with practical tools to implement and realize fast business growth and profits. EYB was developed by the International Labour Organisation Regional Project Office for Eastern and Southern Africa, with Financial support from the Swedish International Development Agency and is being coordinated in Uganda by Enterprise Uganda.







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