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The Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012


GEW is an initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity, to think big, to turn their ideas into reality and to make their presence felt on the globe.

Objectives of the week
• To inspire young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career
• To connect young people and organizations across national boundaries
• To mentor active and inspiring entrepreneurs around the world as they pursue their dreams
• To engage leaders and policy makers in entrepreneurship and to demonstrate to them that entrepreneurship is central to the nations’ economic health and culture.

Junior Achievement participated and got involved in the week by profiling some of the JA entrepreneurs who are also high school students. More than 13 participants were expected but most of them where doing their end of year examinations.


GEW 2012 Activities

Date Activity Venue Partner Special Guests No. of Participants
18/11/12 Live Broadcast Entrepreneurs Festival Mpigi District Buddu Broadcasting Services Member of Parliament 600

Women Entrepreneurs Forum and Exhibition UMA Conference Hall Enterprise Uganda-Host Minister of Trade 700
GEW Entrepreneurs NationalForum UMA Conference Hall Enterprise Uganda-Host Minister of Planning 700
12 to18/11
Entrepreneurship 20 Different Schools Educate Uganda   1,000
12 to 18/11
Facebook Entrepreneurship networking Internet      
UMA Offices FinAfrica    
  Avacado entrepreneurship Lunch
Makerere University PrimeTime   400
  Entrepreneurs Bar
University Swimming Pool Prime Time Succesful Entrepreneur 500
  Social entreprenership
Agha Khan School Tree-Adoption Uganda   400
17/11/12 CDC
Developing a Saving culture ABC Agape CDC Business Development Service Expert 100
  Mentoring Launch Pad
Tusky's building Mara Foundation Successful Entrepreneurs 50
  Running Documentaries on 4 young entrepreneurs Uganda Television
UBC TV UBC TV   10,000
  Internet based mentoring
Internet Grow Movement Business Consultants 80
"start now " sms Internet Enterprise Uganda   15,000
Development Projects Imperial Hotel Kampala Rotary Club   50
12 to18/12
Financial services clinics UMA Barclays   500
  News Paper Suppliment
  New Vision   35,000
Financial services clinics UMA Compound ACCA   150
Mentoring Walk Centinary Gardens CEDA International US Ambassador 700
GEW 2011 Highlights in Images
Some of the students featured during the GEW
Andrew Mupuya a young entrepreneur makes paper bags for different companies
h Andrew Mupuya is a 19 year old Makerere University student. He manages his own company called YELI- Youth Entreprenual Link Investments, which makes quality paper bags, envelopes, T-shirt printing and recently started writing business proposals for clients. The business is only two years old but Mupuya says the annual turnover is 1,800,000. He employs about 18 people especially when he has big orders for paper bags. His business is located in Kamwokya 3 off Mawanda road, where he pays monthly rent of 100,000 shillings.

Mupuya says he started his business two years ago after gaining experience from the JA company program that was in their school at that time. In the JA company called Quapack where they were taught how to make envelopes and paper bags at school, he was a finance manager. So after high school, he used some of the dividends he got from the JA and added on some more money and with a capital of 30,000, he started his own paper bag business.

Mupuya says that one thing that makes his business to stand out is his level of creativity, and his proudest achievement is this acquisition of business skill which he utilizes to earn a living. Although his major challenge is limited time, he says he has learned to multi-task like any other business man and he has learned to start his day early in the morning in order to accomplish his days’ routine. His vision is to contribute to employing Ugandans and trading beyond Ugandan boarders.

Winnie Lakor, 18, Peanut Butter popularly known as Oddi
Winnie Lakor, 18, a senior five student at Kalinabbiri Secondary School has turned her favourite thing into business. With the inspiration from Junior Achievement Uganda, Winnie does not have to worry about anything. She makes the peanut butter popularly known as oddi together with her mother and sells it to her neighbours, fellow students and teachers and she also supplies some supermarkets near her home in Kiwatule- a suburb in Kampala.

Winnie manages her small scale firm that produces simsim and g- nut paste (peanut Butter). Her firm is located in her mother’s home.

She says,” My mother taught me how to grind simsim(sesame)and ground nuts using a grinding stone for our home consumption and sometimes for our relatives and friends. Then I thought she was overworking me, however after joining Junior Achievement company program where I was inspired to establish my own income generating activity, with little start-up capital I immediately decided on making oddi because it is something I knew very well.

I started my business with 15,000/- ($ 7), the peanut butter costs 3500/--($ 2) a tin of 500 grams.”I can now buy breakfast and lunch at school and i can afford other necessities. My business is now worth 50,000/- ($ 21). Winnie urges other students to think about income generation instead of waiting for parents to provide for them, all they need to learn is to save a little money like coins on a daily basis.


Basirika Mwajab- A young entrepreneur

Basirika Amina Mwajabu, 18, a senior three student at Kololo Secondary School is one of the budding entrepreneurs from Junior Achievement company Uganda.
Basirika manages her small scale firm that produces paper bags, envelopes and other packaging materials. Her firm is located in her mother’s home in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb.
This is what she says,”I got the entrepreneur skills after joining Junior Achievement company program where I was taught how to establish my own income generating activities with little start-up capital.

I started my business with 20,000/- ($ 10), the paper bags cost between 500/- and 1000/-($ 1) depending on the size.” She says the packaging business is easy to operate because there is no need for office space.
”I can now buy books and clothes for myself. I have started employing some students because the demand is high. My business is now worth 150,000/- ($ 66)
She says her annual Turnover is about 480,000 shillings. One thing that makes her business stand out is Good management because she employs about 5 people during peak season.
She is proud that she is self-reliant.


Publicity Partners
New vision Newspaper
Monitor Newspaper
Numerous Magazines

Major Sponsers
Government of Uganda
SWEP Project

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