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BEST Clinics' Sample Testimonies.  

  • "Capital is not a problem to start a business."
  • "Helped me to see the hot spot I was a bout to jump into."
  • I have learnt to shame the outer voice and listen more to the inner voice and get started.
  • I am glad I don't have to wait for billions to start what I have always dreamed to become, and with this I have the belief to become top of designing and bridal businesses.
  • It has brought realization that I too can start a business.
  • It does not matter who and where you are. It is just the belief.
  • This workshop should be conducted on a quarterly basis if resources permit. Please consider.
  • Start small, be humble and the business will grow.
  • In appreciating that am a principled person is a person of character, People pleasing/Nice are just mediocre.
  • ‘A very timely and excellent program.
  • ‘The tips on how to get information about competitors and make use of it have been very key for me.
  • ‘Mr.Ocici has a good command of the English language with a step by step delivery of matter.
  • ‘It is better late than never. Am very comfortable with Enterprise Uganda and am looking forward to waking up. It is time to shed off my outer cover and get started.
  • ‘The ideas already received were professionally dressed up in a refreshing manner.
  • Mr. Ocici is determined and focused to stir the youth into self dependency.
  • Thanks enterprise Uganda I now know that opportunities are every where no more blaming the government, parents and the environment.
  • I have learnt the word ‘accomplish move’
  • We need this practice to be done throughout the enter District of Kampala so as every one gets rich.
  • We can build entrepreneurs generations from our family and the entire society will be covered’
  • In my opinion, I think you should consider secondary school drop outs so that they too may be empowered’
  •  ‘The training was a success to me and I feel a totally different and better person full of ideas and inspiration to get started’.
  • Long live Enterprise Uganda for the good work your doing in changing people to becoming financially independent.
  • Better to start with what you have than looking for money
  • I have known how to manage loan and I fail to pay I will take my self to prison than loosing every thing that I had built before  getting the Banks  money.
  • If all presenters are this good, then this might be my best holiday ever.
  • ‘The program is excellent and should be organized for a longer period than one week.
  • Mr. Ocici is a very good orator. He can speak and his speech moves even the strongest of hearts. He teaches with live examples.
  • I have learnt that every person can be an entrepreneur regardless of the amount of money they have.
  • Iam going to start tomorrow because I have waited lot of time doing nothing now am already rich.
  • The money module is the best for me because I have learnt how to save and invest.
  • God’s principle of creation (Adam)
  • I have learned how to save and invest my money very well.
  • How to improve the impact of grant.
  • It is well organized and very sensitive and useful in managing business
  • Enterprise Uganda, you deserve to be taken to prison for delaying this very important programme for the youth
  • Thank you very much Enterprise Uganda. Had I missed this session, then I would have missed the solution I have found.
  • Mr. Ocici is a good facilitator and makes lectures interesting by engaging the participants.
  • I would like to appreciate your effort in empowering Graduates to create employment rather than seek jobs.  I think it’s a smart move. God bless.
  • You have given me my life back. After my first pop corn business in April, I felt I was bad at business and had laid back. But with this timely food for the soul, I feel more empowered to control my destiny. I have learnt to master my soul and captain my fate because when I get to 40, I should have achieved and felt a degree of my self-worth not through experiences but the impact my business will have on the community around me and the world over.’
  • I thank the facilitators because the material that has been taught over shadows all that we learnt at school.
  • Continue encouraging Graduates on job creation.
  • The knowledge obtained has helped re configure my mindset.
  • ‘God bless you all, you have sowed in me.
  • It is the best workshop that I could ever attend and I know it is going to make a difference to my surviving business and personally to me.
  • ‘This has been a Great experience.
  • ‘Good package’
  • ‘This is a chance of a life time. it is an invaluable training. Thank you Mr. Ocici and Enterprise Uganda.
  • ‘The capacity of Enterprise Uganda needs to be built to train as many Ugandans as possible. The level of awareness of this program ands its relevance in transforming participants and society at large is low. An enrolment of approximately 300 participants is only a drop in the ocean.
  • Families should work hard in order to develop
  • All stakeholders should have attended for the good of our community
  • He taught us good ideas which leads us to develop and how to eradication of poverty.
  • I have today liked the presenter, he has given us most of the examples of those billionaires who fail to pay back the loans and I have learnt what I should consider before getting a loan from the bank.
  • This massage should extended to other areas so that other people can cope up with the message
  • Relevant and useful for managing my business.
  • The presenters are good only that they do not favor those people who do not know English
  • Well thought and motivated.
  • I thank all the members of enterprise Uganda for creating youth the jobs inform of Education
  • It has been a very spectacular event and has changed my life.’
  • How I wish my mother had attended this clinic it would be good for our family Business.
  • I now know that, it’s about money for one to get started in business.
  • I now know that, the rich can cry. There fore, I can also take off and become rich and if win them.
  • They should always bring   some beneficiaries who benefited from the same programme so as to encourage us the start-ups to continuously do business
  • One now knows how the rich become rich and how they fail.
  • This  programmes should be translated in all different languages so that, every Ugandan benefits in it.
  • I now know how to   manage loses and profits in a business’
  • Educated people need to come to this workshop, so as to avoid the habit of depending on salary but rather join the business world to create money and jobs for Ugandan people.
  • I comment that this practice may be done throughout the whole District because it’s interesting and educating for all people
  • It has changed my life style and I have developed a hard skin.
  • I can now mobilize funds in order to start a business.
  • There are a lot of things I can do for a living.
  • The workshop has expanded my thinking.
  • I don't need a heavy wad of cash to get started.
  • Effective ways of analyzing different business opportunities.
  • I have learnt how to become rich just like this man Carlos Slim.
  • Expanded my mindset with a good attitude.
  • Re inspired me to pursue my goals despite what the general view is.
  • I have to start so that we have the power of options.
  • I should be of character and learn to keep promises.
  • I have got the impetus to start.
  • There are many business opportunities that are not discovered.
  • Any amount of money can start a business.
  • I have gained confidence by hearing other people’s testimonies.
  • I have learnt how to cut expenses. For saving and investment, I will never move with a lot of cash on me.
  • ‘Overcoming the fear to start.
  • The workshop has given me the ability to believe in my self.



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